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The TREmor Path, LLC

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The TREmor Path, LLC offers Trauma Recovery with Leela Middleton,Certified TREĀ® Practitioner

TRE (Tension/Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises), a healing modality that supports the body's unwinding of deeply held stress, tension, and trauma patterns. Chronic pain, and tension patterns develop during traumatic events, injury or prolonged stress. Our bodies compensate by pulling inward to protect our core, reflexively releasing stress hormones to activate the body's fight/flight/freeze pathways, which help ensure our survival.

Modern culture has grown to discourage the body's innate process of tremoring to discharge tension and shock. TRE grounds our yearning for wellness by showing us, unequivocally, that we are beautifully designed to survive and be resilient.


Tremor Session
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