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About Us

Business owners may know some things about technology, but most are unaware of the kind of resources available to them. Even if you use computers and keep up with tech news every day, you may struggle to create a reliable IT infrastructure for a small business. A CMIT consultant can help by offering expert advice on all aspects of small business tech. Here’s a look at how we help:

• Understanding Your Requirements – A consultant will spend time understanding your requirements and priorities. They will look at competitors, target audiences, technical specifications, day-to-day processes, goals, and other such factors before recommending solutions.
• Budgeting – Setting up an IT infrastructure is a significant business expense. Our experienced consultants will know how to save you money.
• Installation and Management –Our experts install components according to manufacturer's instructions and double-check their performance. They also make sure the systems are easy to manage and maintain.
• IT Management Solutions – Small businesses will need IT management solutions to keep their system in good shape.

Small business tech set up doesn't have to be complicated. Hiring an expert ensures you don't have to waste time on finding the perfect software and hardware for your company. Here are some of the services CMIT offers:
• Managed IT services
• Cyber Security
• Data Protection and Backup
• Networking
• Hosting and Cloud Services
• Mobile Device Management
• IT Procurement
• Virtual CIO/CTO

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