Finance and HR Manager

Posted: 09/17/2023

Job Title: Finance & HR Manager
Reports to: President and CEO

Responsible for finance, HR, and compliance at Gilmer Chamber. Manages accounting, audits, payroll, HR tasks, and government reporting. This Finance & HR Manager role oversees diverse responsibilities crucial for the Chamber's financial and HR operations.

Purpose and Objective:
Essential role as the accounting and HR department. Ensures compliance with funding sources and governmental agencies.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Financial Management & Admin:
   - Prepare monthly financial reports.
   - Produce revenue and expense analysis reports.
   - Maintain compliance with Chamber standards.
   - Coordinate annual audit.
   - Update Finance & Administration Manual.
   - Perform bank reconciliations.
   - Assist with GACCE Certification.
   - Handle sales and use tax reporting.
   - Manage insurance audits.

2. Human Resources:
   - Handle new hire onboarding.
   - Process bi-monthly payroll.
   - Manage employee records and PTO policies.
   - Prepare 1099s and workers comp documents.
   - Assist with conflict resolution and accidents.

3. Chamber Collections and Billing:
   - Bill monthly memberships.
   - Manage collections and retention.
   - Handle special project billing.

4. Tourism Tax Funding Assessment:
   - Prepare quarterly budget reports.
   - Create annual reports for government entities.
   - Review Tourism Grant funding.
   - Supervise TLT tax remittances.
   - Assist with annual financial reports.

5. Apple Festival Financial Management:
   - Manage accounts payable.
   - Generate monthly financial reports.
   - Assist with budgeting.
   - Handle 1099 reporting.
   - Manage insurance and tax reporting.
   - Perform bank reconciliations.

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