Mushroom Farm Help

Ellijay Mushrooms
Job Description
We are looking for help at our mushroom farm in Ellijay.
Ellijay Mushrooms is currently seeking individuals to help at our Mushroom Farm. The position duties will include Mushroom Harvesting, Mushroom Log Loading, Packing Boxes full of mushrooms etc… We are open 7 days a week. 
Harvesting Details :
• The Harvester will be responsible for harvesting mushrooms from mushroom logs, using several passes, and select which mushrooms to harvest and which to leave growing for maximum size, quality and yield. 
• Pick mushrooms by hand; ensure mushrooms are of the required size and stem length to satisfy customer requirements.
• Recognize mature product and implement correct method of picking (snapping or twisting). 
• Sort mushrooms for quality and size and place in appropriate container;
• Keep work area clean, tidy and free from loose mushrooms at all times.
• Perform all requirements of sanitation HACCP and GMP standards including hairnet, beard net, and personal hygiene policies
• Observe and practice safety procedures at all times. Be safety conscious. Correct or notify supervisor of safety hazards. In the event of an accident, notify supervisor immediately. Attend Safety Meetings.
Required Skills And Knowledge
Physically fit; capable of crouching, reaching, stretching, bending and standing for long periods comfortably; ability to lift up to 35 lbs. 
Excellent manual dexterity; must be able to pick mushrooms without bruising 
Safety conscious; ability to follow Health, Safety and Hygiene standards in accordance with Company rules and regulations
Come join our great team!
Contact Megan - 678-900-9806
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